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Services all makes and models of heating and air conditioning equipment.

Air-Max Heating & Cooling, Inc. offers you as a customer the comfort of knowing that our Service Technicians are thoroughly trained to repair any make or model of heating and air conditioning equipment from a Mini-Split System to a Commercial System. We do not service gas or oil furnaces.

Our service vans are clearly marked with our company name and all service technicians are dressed in company uniforms. The service vans are readily stocked with the most commonly used parts so that your comfort is restored as quickly as possible.

Air-Max Heating & Cooling, Inc. along with air conditioning manufacturers recommend having your air conditioning system cleaned yearly to get the optimal performance out of the system. We also offer a Preventative Maintenance Agreement. The Preventative Maintenance Agreement includes us coming to your home twice a year to clean and inspect your system. These are scheduled so that we can inspect the system before the cooling season and then again, before the heating season so that any small issues that may arise can be repaired before they become major issues. All Preventative Maintenance Agreement holders receive a 10% discount on all service calls.

Think of it this way if you never maintenance your car how long would it last? Well your air conditioning system is the same.


  1. Change your Air Filter Monthly. A dirty filter will cause air blockage, this can cause your evaporator coil to ice up which in return will cause the system to blow warm air from the supply vents. A dirty filter also causes your system to run more often which increases your electric bill.
  2. Remove anything that may be blocking airflow from around your outdoor condensing unit. This includes fencing, shrubbery, weeds, and leaves. It is recommended that there be at least 18” between the condenser and any obstruction. If the condenser does not get proper airflow it will not operate properly.
  3. The above tip also is recommended for the indoor air handler and return vent. If these are blocked it will reduce the airflow from your supply vents.
  4. JEA says that you should Set Your Thermostat at 78° in summer, 68° in winter. Why: Your air conditioner and heater will work less, using less energy. Turn your thermostat up or down 5° accordingly at night or when leaving your home for an hour or more to save even more energy and money.