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The FV4C is the premium air handler combining the proven technology of Bryant fan coils with environmentally sound Puron refrigerant. The FV4C achieves an operational advantage when the ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) is combined with a Bryant Preferred heat pump with Puron refrigerant.
With attention to quiet, efficient, and comfortable operation, Bryant has developed a new benchmark for superior indoor comfort and control. ArmorCoat provides a tin plating of the indoor coil’s copper hairpins. This creates a barrier between the corrosion--causing elements and the coil.
Bryant’s heat pump and air conditioning systems now feature Puron refrigerant (R--410A), the chlorine--free refrigerant that is the future for the residential heating and cooling industry. The FV4C using Puron refrigerant maximizes performance for environmentally sound systems. In addition to environmental safety, these systems are 30 to 40% more efficient than standard heating and cooling systems, thereby combining excellence in efficiency and environmental safety.
The FV4C provides these benefits due to Bryant’s command of ECM technology. These motors are extremely efficient at all
speeds, and enable the FV4C to operate at the correct speed to deliver airflow precisely, ensuring proper performance across a
wide range of duct static pressures. This adaptive efficiency also makes installation quality easier to achieve for today’s demanding homeowner.
Bryant’s command of ECM technology may be most evident in the comfort advantages that ECM can deliver. Operation set up steps on the Easy Select Board provide the installing technician with alternatives to maximize comfort and efficiency. For true indoor comfort, the homeowner can achieve command of both temperature and humidity in cooling and heating modes.
Another feature which sets the FV4C apart is the factory—installed TXV, which enhances efficiency and provides compressor
protecting operation at all recommended conditions. Grooved copper tubing, louvered aluminum fins, and the large face areas of
the FV4C refrigerant coils also provide superior efficiency, for high SEER and HSPF performance. Bryant leads the way in condensate control, a hallmark of these multipoise fan coils. All of these featured components are protected within a rugged, prepainted metal cabinet lined with super thick, high-density insulation. For neat, high quality installations, the unit exterior features sweat refrigerant connections for simple leak free performance and multiple electrical entry for both high and low voltage service.
For superior technology and unmatched comfort, the environmentally sound and efficient FV4C can’t be beat.